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I love riding a bicycle. I also love capturing images and have been a professional photographer since 1990. The collision of these two activities resulted in the creation of the Adventure Monkey web site ( The purpose of Adventure Monkey is to inspire people everywhere to get off the couch and do something great with their lives. That may simply mean getting outside and appreciating the natural world surrounding them. I hope to inspire through my images.

I find myself riding through the rolling hills of the Flint Hills of Kansas as medication for the doldrums of everyday life. My photography captures the beauty of simplicity that can be found in Kansas. The Flint Hills of Kansas are the last great expanse of natural grassland left in North America and the area has an ethereal feeling to it. I hope I have captured some of that feeling in my images.

I also love to travel and never do so without a camera. You can see those images here too. If you desire a signed and numbered print email me and we will work that out.


Gravel Sunset June 2015


Riding into Dark Clouds


June Wildflowers under Storm


House in the Trees


Storm Over Ripening Wheat


Texaco Hill


Sunflowers at Sunset


Gravel Curve in the Fall


Flint Hills Spring Gravel


Thunderhead Lightning 2008


Wildflower Panorama 2008


Front at Sunset 2 of 2


Hedgeapple Paradise


Hay in the Storm


Three Trees


Into the Clouds


Flint Hills Storm Panorama 2


Flint Hills Storm Panorama


Flint Hills Fall Fatbike Ride


BxW Gravel Vanishing Point


Purple Hills


Cows on the Road


Wheat Black and White


Sharps Creek Road Panorama


Battle Creek Road Teamwork